How to get your product reviewed

How to get your product reviewed

Want to get your product reviewed? Send us an email with “I Would Like to be Reviewed” in the subject. Tell us about your product. We will respond as soon as possible. If we choose to review your product, we will email you where to send your product, technical specifications, supporting materials and product images. If you want you want your product returned, please include a return shipping label.

Reviews are free. We are always looking for new interactive games, events and technology to review. It does not matter if it is a gadget, tabletop game, video game, festival, or whatever. Our theme is interactive technology, games and experiences and we try to cover a broad spectrum. If we can review it, we will review it. Use the contact form to reach us.

We can review food and drinks, if appropriate but please send a coupon for the items. We don’t take packaged food/drink products by mail.

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