Roleplaying News operates two placements; a 300×250 sidebar and a 468×60 header.

There are three types of ads on Roleplaying News:

  • Ads for geek related and/or gaming companies
  • Ads for theme parks or special events
  • Ads for education related to roleplaying, interactive or experiential entertainment or technology
  • Occasionally, an ad may appear for a special cause that we believe in or a friend as a favor

If you’d like to purchase an ad slot at Roleplaying News then contact using the contact form. Please note that ad slots can be booked out for months at a time. The rate is $100/month. Payment is made via Check, Money Order, or PayPal.

For further exposure, companies may wish to be interviewed or for a product review. These posts are disclaimed to point out that you’ve also been an advertiser on Roleplaying News in the interests of ethics.

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